Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Binary Card Design in EPOS Numbers Visa

EPOS Numbers Visa

It's black credit card design with binary code. 
Actually it's secure if you still secure your own card. But... in my opinion it's coolest credit card design ever

The Linux Foundation Visa for linux users?

Linux Foundation Visa

The Linux Foundation Visa has launch their new visa card but my question is it for Linux users? 
Maybe not, this card design have good look
What is your opinion?

Ceiling Cat Customize Debit Card from Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo debit card

It's only for kitty? of a kitty lovers? Wells Fargo debit card with kitty design cards is awsome

Love Usher Debit Card designs

Usher Debit Card

With Usher Debit Card black design and is it cool enough? Come on, it's only Usher Debit Card .

Deal with UOB One Visa cards

UOB One Visa cards

What is my reason for hold UOB One Visa card? Small credit card design and will leave your pocket soon

Firefox Customized Visa Card Designs

Firefox Customized Visa Card Designs

Firefox has been launch their new visa card design. It's really not from Mozilla Firefox actually but the design is from Firefox?

Funnies Discover Biodegradable Card

Discover Biodegradable Card

Please take a deep look for the Discover Card, this is the funnies card designs ever.